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Seven Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Charity.

Your staff is the lifeblood of your nonprofit organization, so start your blog off right by highlighting them. Whether you write about the staff culture within the group, a staff outing or spotlight individual staff members, sharing about your staff is a great way to promote your NPO through your blog. With your staff comes another vital aspect: your volunteers. Write a post thanking volunteers for their involvement, sharing about a volunteer’s experience or even emphasizing a well-known volunteer for an engaging and personal post.

Oftentimes, organizations may struggle with donations or volunteers simply because community members do not understand the need associated with the cause. Share an insightful article.


There should be at least one blog post for every event your organization does. Before you host an event, outline it in your blog. Tell what you’re going to do, how you will collect donations and even how it is going to make a difference. Once the event is over, write about it again in a recap post. How did it go? What did people miss out on if they were not there? Events are an easy source of content for because they are often fun and quick to write about, while still interesting for website visitors.

Many constituents would probably be interested in learning more about where your nonprofit donations actually go. Write a blog post explaining the vital work of your organization and how each donation has an impact. Highlight the impact your nonprofit has with blog followers by sharing a success story from one of your organization’s clients (with their permission of course). Show volunteers and donors how they can help by highlighting a success story.

If your organization is involved in various programs, use your blog as an outlet to explain what these are. The more constituents understand about your NPO, the more likely they are to get involved. Are there books, music or pop culture issues going on related to your nonprofit? Talk about these connections, how they are similar or different from your NPO and what your thoughts are. What partner organizations do you work with? Talk about them in your next blog and why they are important. Not only will your current partners be excited to read the article, but it may just bring in future partner organizations as well.

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