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Reach India Trust, headquartered in Kolkata, has emerged as a key player in skill development, health education, and youth empowerment since its inception in 2006. The organization, driven by a mission to empower communities, has achieved significant milestones, positively impacting the lives of millions.

Skill Development for Empowering Youth:

Reach India Trust’s skill development initiatives have witnessed remarkable growth, with 14 operational centres in Kolkata and adjacent districts, providing training to over 2,000 youths annually compared to the humble beginnings of 150 in 2013-14.. The SMART (Skills for Market Appropriate Training) Program, comprising courses in Customer Relation and Sales, Logistics Management, Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES), and General Duty Assistant (GDA) reflecting the organization’s commitment to empowering vulnerable youth with domain-specific skills.

The EKLAVYA Project, with centres in 10 locations, focuses on various courses like Customer Relationship Management, Basic Computer and Advanced Excel, Sewing Machine Operation, Jr. Electrician, Assistant Beauty Therapist, Retail Sales Associate & AC-Fridge Technician. This initiative has enrolled 1,182 students, with 881 of them finding gainful employment in 2022-23, further highlighting Reach India Trust’s impact in the skill development landscape.

Health Education and Reproductive Health Rights:

In collaboration with Pathfinder International, Reach India Trust has been at the forefront of addressing reproductive and sexual health issues. The project aimed to reach over 8,000 youths, providing supplementary learning on family planning, the ill effects of early marriage, awareness on contraceptives, and birth spacing. Additionally, the YUVAA Project, supported by Pathfinder International, focused on reproductive and sexual health education for youth, adolescent girls, and boys, reaching over 1,29,761 and 3,15,757 young married couples in Maharashtra and Bihar, respectively.

Youth Empowerment and Community Impact:

The YUVAA (Youth Voice for Agency and Access) Project, implemented by Pathfinder International with Reach India Trust as a consortium partner, has played a pivotal role in empowering youth and adolescent girls and boys. In Maharashtra and Bihar, a total of 1,29,761 and 3,15,757 young married couples were reached, respectively, highlighting the extensive reach and impact of the initiative. The ‘Tejaswini’ initiative, in collaboration with Sutanutir Sakhya, has sensitized 312 adolescents on protection, nutrition, personal health, hygiene awareness, and gender-related issues.

Cumulative Impact and Recognition:

Cumulatively, Reach India Trust has touched the lives of close to 2 million women, girls, youth, and their families. Till date more than 7,500 youth have been trained and gainfully placed. The organization’s commitment to skill development, health education, and youth empowerment has garnered recognition, including the Stars Impact Runners-Up Award 2014 in the Health Category (Asia Pacific Region) from the Star Foundation, London, and the international Runners-Up Award in the Health Category from the Star Foundation, London (UK).

Reach India Trust’s journey reflects a transformative impact on communities through skill development, health education, and youth empowerment initiatives. The organization’s dedication to creating positive change is evident in its extensive reach, successful placements, and contributions to reproductive and sexual health rights. As Reach India Trust continues to expand its footprint, it stands as a beacon of empowerment, enriching lives and fostering sustainable community development.