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Adolescent is a period of transition from childhood to adulthood. These are the formative years when maximum amount of physical, psychological & behavioural changes takes place. This is the time for them to prepare for undertaking greater responsibilities, a time of exploration & widening horizon & a time to ensure healthy all-round development. To make a bright future Reach India has done so many things from 2008. Still, they are doing the same.

From 2008 Reach India Trust has reached 760856 adolescents to make an educated & healthy environment. Reach focused on the reproductive & sexual health of adolescent, HIV/AIDS programmes, dialogue basis education, health, livelihood, family finance, financial education, life skills, silai schools, bank linkage, child birth, nutrition, sanitation, preventing common illness, gender-based discrimination, legal age of marriage, bear & undergo multiple child birth, suffer from lifelong cycle poor health, kanyashree prakalp, Rupashree prakalp, Amphaan relief support, Covid relief support & so on. RI has done total 65 learning games on hand washing, eating habits, rhymes, story, songs etc. With the help of team Pathfinder International, UNICEF, Bihar Technical Assistance & Support Team, Action Northeast Trust (ANT), Stars Institutional Grant, Gram Vikas & ICCos India, Healthy World Foundation, USHA International, Hands to Heart International through Thrives networks, Women Development Corporation RI has done the following things –

  • Empowering Futures: Reach India Trust’s Impactful Journey At Reach, our vision is to create a future where all girls exercise free choice, becoming agents of change. Our mission is to enable girls to build futures of health, hope, and dignity through knowledge, life skills, and linkages.
  • Holistic Approach to Empowerment: Since our inception in 2006, Reach India Trust has tirelessly worked towards transforming lives. We focus on comprehensive initiatives that address critical issues faced by girls, ranging from health and livelihood to family finance.
  • Innovative Training Programs: Our training programs are designed to address the unique challenges faced by girls. In recent years, we’ve expanded our reach to the poorest states in East and Northeast India, conducting 87 sessions covering diverse topics such as learning games for girls, social performance management, and programs on HIV/AIDS and malaria. These initiatives aim to instil life skills, health awareness, and financial education.
  • Strategic Partnerships for Lasting Impact: Collaboration is at the heart of our success. Reach India Trust has partnered with organizations like USHA International to set up Silai Schools, providing livelihood opportunities to 120 women and young girls in 3 states. Our outreach efforts have extended to Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam, Odisha, and West Bengal, with a focus on cascading education to adolescent girls.
  • Empowering Through Education and Programs: Reach India Trust’s impactful programs include the Adolescent Empowerment Project (WAGE), which has touched the lives of 22,000 adolescent girls in Bihar and Jharkhand. Through partnerships with organizations like DAVID & LUCILE PACKARD FOUNDATION and UNICEF, we’ve implemented projects like Gram Varta, focusing on participatory learning for improving health, nutrition, and sanitation outcomes.
  • Health Intervention for Lasting Change: In the realm of health, our initiatives have been supported by organizations like DAVID & LUCILE PACKERD FOUNDATION and THRIVE NETWORKS, USA. We’ve reached 61,748 adolescent girls through reproductive and social health programs in Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Assam, and West Bengal. Our participation in the Rajiv Gandhi “SABLA” Program in Odisha aims to empower adolescent girls with improved self-este em and nutritional knowledge.
  • Adapting to Current Challenges: Recent years have seen Reach India Trust actively responding to contemporary challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic prompted relief efforts, with support from organizations like Tech Mahindra Foundation. We provided relief support during Cyclone Amphan in West Bengal, highlighting our commitment to holistic community development.
  • Looking Forward: Tejaswini Project and Beyond: As we move forward, the Tejaswini project takes centre stage. This initiative, run by Sutankutir Sakya, empowers adolescent boys and girls on gender, sexuality, reproductive and sexual health, violence, child and human rights, and other protection issues. We also remain committed to addressing climate resilience and health through initiatives like the SMSS and HH4A projects.
  • Conclusion: Transforming Lives, One Initiative at a Time: Reach India Trust’s journey is marked by transformative initiatives that have touched the lives of countless adolescent girls. Through strategic partnerships, innovative programs, and a commitment to holistic development, we envision a future where every woman and girl exercises free choice, becoming a true agent of change.