Financial inclusion is one of the foremost agenda in India since past few years. There have been initiatives to extend financial education, bring the poorest under the banking for poor focus, and promote cashless and digital economy. Reach has been integrating financial literacy as one of its components across its different educational offerings. In this regard, Reach started building partnerships with different Government programmes and flagship programmes to promote financial education on mass scale and impact the bottom of the pyramid.

Details of Livelihood Intervention

Inculcating better Financial Management approaches in the North East Rural Livelihood Project

Donor: NELPS
Type of grant: Project Grant
Focus area: Sikkim, Nagaland, Mizoram, and Tripura

Reach has long standing partnership with the North East Rural Livelihood Project since 2014. After successful completion of the project on imparting organizational management of SHGs, Reach was offered the second assignment of developing a comprehensive training module on “Financial Management of SHGs”. Post the development of the training module and its approval by the Department, Reach developed a pool of state level trainers who will impart trainings to the DPMU officials in four states (Nagaland, Mizoram, Sikkim and Tripura) in vernacular languages. These trained DPMU staffs will then cascade the education their SHG members under active guidance and handholding support of Reach. The training module designed using the innovative technical learning conversation pedagogy of Reach, comprise time-bound sessions and practice sessions on financial literacy, financial management, and standard book keeping practices for the SHGs.

Resource Agency for WSHG Programmes being implemented by NABARD RO Chhattisgarh

Donor: Nabard, chattisgarh
Type of Grant: Project Grant
Focus Area: Chattisgarh

Reach is empanelled by NABARD RO Chattisgarh as a resource agency to impart training support for the Chief Functionaries, field animators of implementing NGOs under WSHG and SHG bank linkage programme. In continuation to previous year, the current year of reporting witnessed similar sanctions of trainings for the partner NGOs. Reach conducted a series of 10 trainings for the field level animators of NGOs implementing WSHG Programme in Chhattisgarh across 13 districts namely Durg, Kawardha, Rajnandgaon, Korba, Ambikapur, Jagdalpur, Raipur, Kanker, Baster, Sukma, Bijapur, Dantewada, Kondagaon.

Cascading Hamari ASHA training module among SHG and Non SHG members

Reach India for its profit entity Reach Support Services in partnership with GIZ had implemented a financial literacy project in Bihar, Jharkhand and Chattisgarh through its existing NGO partners. It imparted TOT on Financial Education. An exclusive interactive module was designed by GIZ known as “Hamari Asha”. This Programme was cascaded to approximately 10,970 women SHG members and 2,460 non SHG members across all the three States through 14 NGOs. In the current year, an end line study was conducted by Reach and GIZ to map the outcomes vis-à-vis the implementation of the project. Reach designed the methodology and tools in consultation with GIZ. Data was collected from three levels such as opinion of the management level staff of SHPIs, Trainers,  SHG members besides  secondary MIS date from SHG registers.  The study report  is under the process of finalisation.  Preliminary analysis reveals shows trends of increase in terms of knowledge, inclusion of new members in SHGs fold, increased access of financial products and services.

Training of Project facilitation team on Organizational Management of SHG

Reach India, in partnership with NELPS (North East Livelihood Promotion Society) worked on a capacity building project in 4 states i.e  Tripura, Sikkim, Mizoram and Nagaland. Reach has developed a curriculum on “Organisational Management of CBOs”.  It imparted TOT to the district officials and pool of identified trainers. It provided handholding support to the district implementation teams through follow up and technical assistance support.  The objective of this joint partnership was  to provide  quality training; capacity building and field level hand-holding support to the project staff of NERLP in the districts and also to the community cadres so that they are successfully able to implement the program at the ground level. This  programme is being  implemented in 8 (eight) project districts covering  46 blocks under NELPS  in  4 states  i.e  Nagaland, Sikkim, Mizoram and Tripura.  396 people (276 participants from Project Facilitation Team, 120 SHG Facilitators),  have been were  trained on Training of Trainers (TOT) mode.

TOT for Chief Functionaries of SHPI on SHG promotion in chhatishgarh

Reach India have been nominated as resource organisation by NABARD, Regional Office Chattisgarh.  During the  last financial year, Reach conducted an  the orientation of Chief Functionaries of Anchor SHPIs ( Self Help Promoting Institutes). In the current year, Reach implemented series of district level training programmes on SHG bank linkage, financial inclusion for the field level animators of SHPIs implementing SHG Bank Linkage and Women SHG programmes. In consultatioin with the MCID team Reach conducted 10 programmes at district level and  a module was  adapted  as per the need of NABARD. A total of 202 participants  were trained from 62 different SHPIs of Chattisgarh. The training programme was conducted in TOT  mode followed by field visit to successful SHG initiatives and enterprises. Trained animators were cascading the information to the SHGs under their fold and ensuring quality of SHG development processes in terms of following the standard practices, book keeping formats, inclusiveness and other quality aspects.

TOT for Chief Functionaries of SHPI on SHG promotion in Guwahati

Reach India was entrusted by NABARD Regional Office, Assam to impart capacity building training to the SHPIs supported under SHG Bank Linkage Programme. Reach  developed a module on SHG Bank Linkage and imparted five day residential training to 26 participants from 26 SHPIs at Guwahati, Assam in August 2014.

Cascading Financial Literacy through SHG Platform

With support from GIZ-RFIP, Reach & its sister concern Reach Support Services is implementing a project across three States (Bihar, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh) through its existing SHPI partners by imparting TOT on Financial Education. A module was designed by GIZ known as “ Hamari ASHA” which demonstrates Asha’s (a simple community women) life and how she enables herself by associating with SHG and learns the elements of financial education.  Reach used the same module to create a core team of 5-8 members in all its partner organizations and then they in turn trained 10-15 field level animators who cascaded the education to the SHGs under their fold. Through 14 NGOs the education was cascaded to approximately 10500 women SHG members and 2000 non SHG members across all three States. Financial campaigns are also conducted at each operational areas involving the key stakeholders like bankers, government officials, SRLM officials sharing the learnings of the project. An endline survey will be done which will showcase the changes at the community level in comparison to the baseline and also show the roadmap for a replicable model.

The financial inclusion project supported by Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)India

Reach India’s with support from GIZ is implementing the financial inclusion project in three states of Bihar, Jhakhand and Chattisgarh involving 14 partner organizations to reach out to 3700 SHG women and 1500 non SHG women.

The major objective of this project is to expand financial education at the grass root level and bring into its fold through SHG and non-SHG members.

Financial Education

Reach India’s financial education on Savings (Every Day Counts) and Budgeting (Plan How to Use Your Money) focus on preparing participants to enhance their economic wellbeing by helping them understand  the concept of savings and providing important lessons on how to save money. Reach India has organized training on savings for 12 SHPIs from West Bengal.

Success story: Woman sees a bright future and now has hope

Kanynai Dhibar, a middle-aged wife of a fisherman with one son and one daughter, is a member and leader of the Gangajamuna SHG, which has existed for two years. She took various trainings to try and improve her life. Before the trainings, she and her family were not in a very good economic situation and had very little money to spend. A year ago, she heard about the opportunities for trainings through the coordinator from a local NGO. She decided that she wanted to attend the trainings and none of her friends or family members opposed her.

Kanynai had substantial optimism about the help that the trainings could provide to her. Initially, it was difficult for her to learn the various skills. After a while, she and her group-members slowly came to learn various skills related to entrepreneurship, accounting, and savings. Many of these concepts were new to the group members, and without knowledge of these areas, it would have been extremely difficult for the women to try and improve their lives.

Due to the trainings, the group has experienced a substantial impact on their lives. For example, Kanynai has developed substantial savings. For Kanynai, the most important thing she learned from the trainings related to managing money. She has learned the importance of regularly contributing to the total funds as well as how to save and manage her money.

            Kanynai also hopes to attend more trainings in the future, in hopes that she will be able to continue to improve her and her family’s livelihood. Reach India has played a key role in creating these trainings and making them useful for people in the villages.

Financial Education

Reach India’s financial education on Savings (Every Day Counts) and Budgeting (Plan How to Use Your Money) focus on preparing participants to enhance their economic well being by helping them understand  the concept of savings and providing important lessons on how to save money. Reach India has organized training on savings for 12 SHPIs from West Bengal.

World Vision, Bhopal collaborated with Reach India to train 32 coordinators, animators and health workers on Learning Games for Girls during the year. The training which included financial literacy lessons on savings and budgeting was cascaded in more than 16 villages of Ratlam District of M.P. and covered around 1500 girls in the age group 10 to 19 in the first phase.