Reach India

Reach India delivers transformative education and life skills to women and adolescent girls, promotes and strengthens community action,, and facilitates solutions for gender, social and economic inequities. We work in collaboration with national and international NGOs, donors, government and corporate organizations and their foundations to serve the poor in Eastern and North Eastern states. Our vision is a future where all women, girls and youth make and exercise free choices and be agents of change.

GSN 2817 GOLD-1

Better Health
for Adolescent Girls
and Women

Reach India is working to address gender
disparity by working to impact women’s
productive and sexual health status,
nutrition and sanitation.

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Reach India works to improve communities
through a process of change

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Reach India works through Self-help Group (SHG) strengthening, microenterprise development and holistic training to improve the livelihoods of women and adolecent girls.

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About Reach India—Our mission, vision and origin

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Financial Services
Knowledge and Access

Addressing the need of the the poor to gain knowledge, skills and attitude (KSA) so they understand the scope of available financial services, and are able to make informed choices.

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